Been looking for reasons to get out there and travel by yourself? Perhaps you’ve already done a lot of solo travelling and you’re looking for a new destination. Or maybe you have yet to take the plunge and need some convincing. Check out my top 5 reasons to Travel Solo USA.

  1. It’s like 50 countries rolled into one…

    tourist attractions in usa swamp tour new orleans louisiana pictures of america travel solo usa
    Bayou tours, New Orleans LA

    From the swamps of Louisiana to the deserts of Arizona, the USA wraps up a whole lot of diversity in its 50 states. Which means you can pack a lot into a vacation. Or a whole lot more if you’ve managed to wrangle an extended travelling period.

    For even more diversity, think the cold sweep of Alaska right through to the sandy beaches of Hawaii. You get the picture. There’s so much to see and do in the US that whatever your purpose for travelling, you’re bound to find something that excites you.

  2. The people are (mostly) welcoming and friendly

pictures of nashville tennessee hot dog van travel solo usa
Travel solo USA & discover: hot dogs, Nashville style!

Now this really depends on where you head to. And possibly where you come from. If you’re local to the USA then you’ll already have your own thoughts on this particular topic. If you’re from Europe, you’ll probably find a lot of curiosity and interest. Expect to make new friends every time you speak.

But don’t stick to the big east and west coast cities for the best solo experiences and meeting people. You’ll find it much harder in places like New York and LA than down south in Texas, Georgia or Tennessee. So if it’s people you want to meet, consider places more off the beaten path and you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised.

3. food

bed and breakfast usa travel solo usa
Sausage & grits and omelette, southern US style

I don’t feel this one needs much explanation. If you like to sample different cuisines, then the US is going to offer you a veritable feast. From local specialities like grits in the South, to fresh fish and fine steaks in the east right through to top-notch Latino-influenced cuisine such as Cuban and Mexican. You quite literally cannot go anywhere without finding some culinary delight to get you through the day. And don’t even get me started on the bakery side of things…

And, if you’re from Europe, you only need to eat about once a day because the portions are famously enormous. Bonus!

4. Accommodation choices

atlanta georgia travel solo usa
Travel solo USA – there’s plenty to see and do in Atlanta Georgia

Sure, there’s traveller accommodation in (nearly) every country you can visit. But it’s the range of choices available in the USA that makes it so appealing for the solo traveller. While hostels aren’t big business, motels take their place in terms of budget pricing. Airbnb has a booming trade popping up all over the place and will often prove a cheaper option than even the most budget hotels. And if you can afford to splash the cash a little, then you’ll find some truly luxury and top-range hotels to enjoy. Private patios, jacuzzi baths, showers that can fit 10 people in…

And my favourite of all of them. The good old-fashioned B&B. Read more about my fantastic B&B stay in Fort Worth here:

5. Ride the trains!

train trips usa best places to travel alone in the us amtrak travel solo usa

Another one that local Americans might have something to say about! The trains get some bad press – delays, breakdowns, generally poor service. But that’s to be expected in a country the size of the US. You’re going to get service problems. And when you’re commuting to work, that’s going to amount to zero fun.

For the solo traveller on the other hand, the trains offer a great and affordable way to see more of the country. And any issues are all just part of the adventure. I’ve done a fair few train rides, some short, some long and i enjoyed every minute. Well almost every minute. There does come a point when cabin fever can start to set in. But if you break your journeys up, then this is a great way to get around.

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