best places to travel alone in the us solo travel
best places to travel alone in the us Honolulu Hawaii things to do in oahu

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best places to travel alone in the us

We all need to get away every now and then. Sometimes our interests mesh perfectly with our potential travel partners. And sometimes, our holiday preferences end up being very different. But you don't need to let that stop you! East to west coast, north to south. Adventure seeker or beach dweller. Whatever the length of trip you might want to take, you’ll find lots of ideas here about some of the best places to travel alone in the US.

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Worried about goiNg it alone?

But hang on, you say. People will think I have no friends. How will I go out to eat by myself? I don't want to pay double the price for a room. What about safety? These are all common worries. If you're female, the last one maybe even more so. And there won't always be an easy answer. But the key is all in the research. Research properly and you'll be able to find a trip that meets all your needs. And if you're looking to take your first solo adventure, the US is one of the best places to start. This includes for both Americans and anyone from further afield!

why should you listen to what i have to say about travelling alone?

Well, I don’t know everything. Even though I like to think so sometimes. But I do know the fear. The fear of heading out to a new place or country on your own. Not knowing the local customs. Not knowing where anything is. Worrying about spending too much money in the first few days or having my card declined 1500 miles from home. And not having a travel buddy to turn to for help...


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There’s just something about the usa

A 30-something British female, I’ve travelled extensively across many countries in the world. Sometimes with people. More recently, increasingly by myself. I can’t quite put my finger on when my fascination with the US started. But the more I visit, the more interesting it becomes. And the more I just have to get back and see it again. And again and again.

I’ve accumulated upwards of 30 weeks travelling alone in and around 15+ States across a number of different trips. And I’ve barely scratched the surface. I’m a true tourist and active sightseer at heart, so I’ll rarely be found hanging out on the beach. But I do like to go down there to snap a few pictures! I also enjoy finding random and off the beaten track things to see and do, so keep an eye out for a few curveballs...

Find your comfort zone

For some people, the feeling that there is still a stigma attached to travelling alone will be enough to stop them from doing it. For others, especially females travelling alone, safety will be a major concern.

I’m not brave enough to travel to some countries by myself. Lots of women are, I am not. And I’m not ashamed. I broke through some of my own fears a long time ago and my time in the US has played a huge part in that. Breaking through the barrier of what other people might think is one of the first that needs to happen. 18 or 80, whatever your gender, travelling is one of the most liberating activities you can undertake. Don’t let the fear of what other people might think hold you back.

Bite the bullet

So if you’ve been thinking about it for a while but just haven’t bitten the bullet. Or you’re already planning that solo trip and just want some tips and advice. Take a look around to read more about my experiences and some of the best places to travel alone in the US. As the site develops you’ll find more specifics on travelling alone as a female, where I’ve felt safest, what I look out for etc. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3 days or 3 years. Whether you want to call it vacation or travelling, the principles are the same.

Top us cities to visit Miami best places to travel alone in the us
Miami - a fantastic city, but maybe not the best to travel solo

Not EVERYWHERE makes the Grade..

The information on this site is my personal documentation of my travels, my experiences (and all my own photos). As such, a lot of information is obviously just opinion. My “best” might not be the same as your “best”! I do try to quantify or describe exactly why a particular place was so appealing to travel alone. Anything stated as fact comes because I’ve been there, done that, unless otherwise described.

And not everywhere I’ve been would I recommend for specifically travelling alone. It doesn’t mean it can’t be suitable for you. I still cover everywhere in Places to visit in the USA as there are things worth seeing in every city. But the categories found in this section are specifically and subjectively the best places to travel alone in the US that I’ve found to date. Based on attractions, ease of getting around, atmosphere, safety and people (amongst other criteria).

So as mentioned above, do your research, find your motivation for wanting to take a solo trip and decide what you want to get out of it. You’re half way there already.


Find your INSPIRATION for some of the best places to travel alonE in the us!

Ready to make a start? Find historical, exciting and unique places to visit. Take a journey through the ins and outs of getting around by train. Discover the benefits of skipping the hotels and staying at a Bed and Breakfast. Read about when it's best to splurge on luxury and when you should save your cash.  And learn the secret tricks and tips of the solo traveller and how to vacation safely by yourself. You'll find plenty of ideas and help to plan your trip here.

And if you have any tips or stories of your own, do feel free to comment on the relevant pages.

Check out the links above or below to start your journey of self-liberation!


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Downtown Nashville

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