When you’re not from the US – and maybe even when you are – thinking of Texas brings a few things to mind. Cowboys. Tick. Rodeo. Tick. Saying y’all a lot. Tick. You get the picture. And in terms of cities, we’ve heard of Dallas (thank you TV). We’ve heard of Houston (thank you NASA). And we have probably heard of Austin. But the city of Fort Worth is one of those places that manages to fly under the radar when it comes to foreign tourists. And “thank god” say the locals!

Situated an hour away from Dallas, Fort Worth is one of the best places you’ll find to visit in the US, especially if you’re travelling alone.

City of Fort Worth brazos river
Brazos River just past Waco, an hour and a half or so south of the City of Fort Worth

And…what’s so great about the city of fort worth?

Well this will really depend on what excites you. If you like efficent, soulless, impersonal experiences. You definitely won’t find that here. That’s not to say you’ll have an inefficient experience! More that the city has a great personality and feels more laid-back than other places of a similar size.

Viewed like a sibling of Dallas, Fort Worth has a real sense of community and friendliness which has rarely been exceeded for me personally in the US. There’s been a lot of work done on fostering that community aspect in recent times. And it’s pushing Fort Worth up the must-see US City list, turning it round from a slightly less glowing past.

From the clean and very well-maintained downtown area to the Stockyards further north. The surrounding residential areas and the super-friendly people. The city of Fort Worth is in pole position to overtake its more famous relative as the place to see in northern Texas. With absolutely no offence meant to any other place in north Texas, of which I’m sure all are worth seeing!

add fort worth to your travel list

For entirely selfish reasons, I’d prefer that no one else ever discovered Fort Worth. But obviously that’s not what I’m about nor the point of this site 👌. No, I’m sharing all about my visit to hopefully give other visitors some ideas on what to expect. Whilst I’d love to be the only tourist in town, tourism does contribute to the health and well-being of any city so if there’s a city that deserves it, this is it.

Solo Travel Tip Fort Worth:  i would have loved it wherever I stayed but my experience of the Texas White House B&B south of the Downtown area really sealed the deal for me. 

So without further ado, check the links below to explore more about this fantastic city – and don’t forget to leave your own comments, tips and advice if you’ve been too!

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