Solo travel tips: bed and breakfast usa

When it comes to travelling solo, choosing where to stay can throw you into a world of confusion. Hotels are the obvious choice. Airbnb has overtaken the rental market in recent years (with other choices popping up all over the place). But there is an option you might not have considered. Read on for the Top 5 reasons to choose a Bed and Breakfast USA stay when you’re travelling alone in the US.

Top 5 reasons to stay solo in bed and breakfast usa

  1. Free breakfast!

    Well d’uh. You can get free breakfast when you stay in a hotel too so why should this be a reason? Well, stay in a hotel and you’ll land somewhere between a conveyor belt of cheap and greasy. Or fresh but super-expensive breakfast options. If you’ve scored breakfast in your hotel deal, you’re likely to also be left fighting with all the other guests to get a table. Unless you’re willing to go really early or late.

    In the world of Bed and Breakfasts, it’s a completely different story. Bed and breakfast USA accommodations will tend to be small to medium in size. Say, 6-15 rooms max. They’re not always going to be maxed out with guests. And they will usually schedule breakfast so even if they are busy, you’re not going to be crammed around a table with 20 other people. But most importantly, the quality of the breakfast will top any you get in a hotel. Local delicacies combined with fresh cooking and baking will lead you to sample things you’ve never heard of. But could happily eat again and again.


    bed and breakfast usa
    Sausage & grits and omelette, southern US style
  2. happy hour

    Like the above, you can receive similar happy hour deals in hotels. At a bed and breakfast, you’re likely to find free wines of different colours and origins. And different snacks from home-baked pumpkin muffins to nuts, pastries and savoury bites. But this time, the difference is in the ambience and the atmosphere. At a B&B, you’re much more likely to self-serve a large glass of wine and put your feet up in a cosy armchair by the fire. Or sit out on the front porch swing and people-watch in peace. Pure relaxation!

  3. Personalised service

    Sure, when you’re a regular guest in some hotel establishments, you get a kind of preferred service. But it doesn’t compare to a bed and breakfast stay where everyone is welcomed like part of the family.

    Most bed and breakfast USA managers or owners will personally greet every guest. And then give a tour of the premises. They’ll check what food you like or dislike. Or have allergies to. Give you great detail on local things to see and do. And places to eat and drink. They’ll introduce you at breakfast so you’re not left feeling awkward on that first morning. They’ll give you the space you need but are always on hand to help with anything you can think of.  If you don’t want special attention, just let them know. But for the solo traveller, the one-on-one personalised service can often be a welcome relief when you’re away from home.

  4. meeting people

    If you’re staying in a hotel, it can be difficult to really meet people easily when you’re by yourself. There are ways to do it, but it can be nerve wracking and not always successful. Not so in the bed and breakfast. As mentioned above, you will usually find yourself introduced at breakfast. And if the host doesn’t do it, the other guests are usually just as keen to do it themselves. They might not always be people you’d actively seek out to spend time with. But you can also meet some great people that you never would have otherwise.

  5. unique accommodation

    Unlike chain hotels, bed and breakfasts will often be converted or specially-built, large houses. This not only gives them their warm and cosy atmosphere but often comes with uniquely designed rooms. Special themes, special amenities, luxury bedding and showers, interesting architecture, heated floors. The list goes on. If you have the choice between a faceless hotel room. Or a room that you would love to have as your own bedroom. Choosing a bed and breakfast USA stay can be a real winner for the solo traveller.

Bed and breakfasts won’t always be the cheapest accommodation option. And you usually won’t find that many options in a given city. But the ones you do find, will often be a great choice to consider when you’re looking at solo travel accommodation choices.

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