amtrak travel by train usa: picture gallery

See more about Amtrak Travel in the US. Riding the train can be one of the best ways to travel solo. Or one of the best ways to travel full stop. So if you’re ready to try something different, keep on reading.

what you can see when you travel by train

Well, certainly a lot more than if you fly! The main reason for wanting to travel by train was that i was travelling by myself.¬† And we’re not talking about travelling to places that are an hour’s drive apart. I mean, north to south USA. East to West coast. Travel destination choices that are hundreds and thousands of miles apart. The idea of renting a car and driving for hours on end didn’t appeal at all. Different when you’re with someone, but on your own? No! I still had a few internal flights to take but what if, i thought, what if there was another choice?

That choice came to me in the form of national train service Amtrak. My very first train journey took me from Chicago to New Orleans. This route runs overnight. So the first 10 hours of the journey flew by in darkness. But once dawn broke somewhere around Memphis, the true beauty of travelling by train started to kick in! Small towns i’d never heard of whizzed by. Dusty roads and cars that had seen better days. Church after church in Mississippi. Endless wildlife and nature. Things i’d never have had a chance to see in a couple of weeks of travel.

find some inspiration in the amtrak travel gallery below

So if you’ve been thinking about taking a train vacation, or using the train to travel the USA, check out the pictures below. This gallery will be updated again in due course as i have other journeys to add. Click on the image to see it in a larger size !

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