Downtown Fort Worth in Texas is one chilled-out central city area! Filled with space, places to shop, dine and drink, it’s very comfortable to stroll around if you’re travelling solo. Well apart from the fact that it might be really, really hot! Read more about Downtown here.

Delicious dining

One of the things I just can’t get enough of when I travel to the US is cheesecake. Good old-fashioned New York cheesecake. With maple pecan. Or salted caramel. Or pumpkin. And cream. And maybe ice cream.

Whatever type of cheesecake it is, it’s guaranteed to be a million times better than anything you’ll find in England. Which means that on every US trip, the first place I check a city for is naturally, The Cheesecake Factory. Yes it’s a chain. And yes you can find great cheesecake in independent bakeries (definitely find those too). But I know what I’m getting at the Factory. An extensive menu filled with all the cheesecake I can imagine for around $8 a slice. Not a normal sized slice. An American-sized slice that’ll sort me out for lunch and dinner.

Ok, i’m done drooling over cheesecake. But if you’re also a fan of creamy baked desserts, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a Cheesecake Factory right in the middle of Downtown Fort Worth.

If you’re looking for regular fare, you’ll also find plenty of that. From Mexican to Italian, BBQ to classic all-American. Riscky’s Barbeque on the corner of Main and 2nd is worth a go for mid-priced meals. I thoroughly recommend trying the brisket! You’ll get about 4 sides though, so consider ordering a kids version if your appetite isn’t that big.

Sundance square

Sundance Square Downtown Fort Worth Texas
Sundance Square, Downtown Fort Worth

A focal point of the Downtown Fort Worth area, Sundance Square is where it’s at when it comes to special events and music. A large, open square with seating, the surrounding streets are filled with shops, restaurants and bars. It’s a good place to get your bearings when you get into the city – if you get lost out and about, you’ll be able to find your way back easily enough! And if you’re travelling on your own, you won’t feel weird hanging out there by yourself.

Banging bars

When you can’t miss that crucial sports game, you’ll find a few friendly sports bars dotted around the centre and Sundance Square. But if you want to try some beer, then head to The Flying Saucer on East 3rd. Serving some 400 odd different beers, if you don’t know what you want, then be prepared to spend some time reading the menu. Though the bar staff are very knowledgeable and will help with recommendations. The Flying Saucer also serves great food, has indoor and outdoor seating – and a couple of dart boards just inside the entrance. If you’re British – you’ll more than likely enjoy it here!

The Flying Saucer Bar Downtown Fort Worth Texas
The Flying Saucer Bar, Downtown Fort Worth

Magical music

For some of the best live music, head to Scat Jazz Lounge on West 4th Street. Marked by a neon sign outside, you need to take the lift down to the basement and you’ll find yourself in a properly-old-school, atmospheric jazz club. You’ll be tapping and humming the whole day after you leave! It’s closed on Mondays but open every other day until around 2am. Alternatively, keep an eye out for free concerts being held in Sundance Square – you’ll find all types of music being played and you can’t beat free for things to do…

When to go

The pics in this article were taken early evening on a Wednesday night in September. And it was really, really quiet. As you can tell. I was also there at the weekend when it was much busier. So unless I just happened to pick the quietest week of the year, I’m lead to think that this is pretty normal for the city. Just like a town, quietish in the week, buzzing at the weekend. Which is another reason why Fort Worth is so great to visit. It feels safe and normal to walk around which is super important if you’re on your own. It’s not overcrowded. It’s clean and just generally a cool place to hang out.

More pictures of downtown fort worth

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If you’re not staying in downtown…

Then it’s relatively easy to get there depending on how far out you are. Buses are pretty regular from most surrounding areas. Though you may want to check alternative transport for later on in the day/night. You can get quite the mix of people on public transport so if you’re feeling even a little bit jittery, it’s probably best to avoid. I stayed about 15 minutes drive south of Downtown and got Uber. A lot. It cost about $8 each way to get in and out.