There’s a lot to be said for exploring other countries and cultures. When I was in my teens, I developed a fascination with Italian football. This came about after the 1994 World Cup when Roberto Baggio missed the crucial penalty in the final against Brazil. He cried, I cried, the whole of Italy cried. Somewhere between that crushing defeat and Baggio’s stylish little rat-tail hair style (please Google if you don’t know what I’m talking about), lay a patriotic team spirit and a naturally gifted set of players who weren’t afraid to cry publicly and still call themselves men, and who also clearly played for their whole country, not just themselves. The same cannot always be said for team England.

And so – rather obscurely I admit – at 10 years old the romantic notion of travelling and seeing the world was born and 4 years later, I was happily swooning over Gabriele, the coolest and hottest kid in the school where I was taking part in a school exchange just north of Milan. Shame I was sporting a monobrow and goofy teeth.

Over the years my travelling tastes developed and widened beyond Europe. Most recently I’ve developed a fascination with the USA, which forms the majority of the content here. But I’ll always have a special place for Roberto in my heart ❤️ If you’re in need of a little inspo or just want to waste a bit of time looking at pretty pictures, you’ll find it here… (when i’ve actually managed to set the blog up properly. As a rookie WordPresser but reasonably technically capable human being, I am managing to make this the clunkiest process possible).

All photography on site is my own unless explicitly stated (if this is the case, permissions will have been granted).


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