There was a time when the idea of hanging out with plants and flowers for a couple of hours might have been the most boring thing I could imagine. Ah the benefits of maturing.

During my time in Atlanta staying at Stonehurst Place B&B, I met a wonderful couple  at breakfast one morning. Carol and Tom. I seem to recall they were from Savannah but I can’t quite remember. As so often happens as a British girl traveling alone in the US, following some early morning chit-chat and bonding over our mutual travels and their grown-up children, they invited me along with them to take a wander up to the Atlanta Botanical Garden, about a mile and a half from the B&B.

Being my first day in the city, I hadn’t really decided what I was going to do first, nor were the Gardens on my list to see. But given that the weather was fine out (though getting chillier in mid-November) and I took an immediate liking to my new surrogate parents, I happily took them up on their kind offer.

A brisk walk up and down a few hills and past Piedmont Park and we were there. The gardens house various exhibits and collections of which I didn’t get all the descriptions in the pictures below. Sadly my knowledge of plant life isn’t what it could be and I couldn’t even hazard a guess as to what some of them are. So if there are any experienced or budding botanists who want to let me know more about my pictures, please feel free to do so in the comments.

For a general flavour of the scenery up at the gardens, keep reading below.

An Impressive Woman sculpture Atlanta Botanical Garden
With a frame constructed in steel, the “An Impressive Woman” sculpture is a focal exhibit of the garden. More than just a static structure, it’s a “living” piece stuffed with over 18,000 flowers that are designed to grow out around the small mosaic steel and fabric frame. An Impressive Woman she certainly is.
Kendeda Canopy Walk Atlanta Botanical Garden
Roughly 40ft up from the ground, the Kendeda Canopy Walk extends round 600ft of woodland and gives excellent views into the garden below
Kendeda Canopy Walk Atlanta Botanical Garden
A better view from the Kendeda Canopy Walk
Japanese Garden Atlanta Botanical Garden
A whimsical and romantic view inside the Japanese Garden at the Atlanta Botanical Garden
Terrific trains model train village Atlanta Botanical Garden
If you’ve got kids then they’ll enjoy the Terrific Trains model train village. Or you know, if you’re an adult who likes model villages, you’ll love the Terrific Trains model train village.
Pink flowers Atlanta Botanical Garden
Literally just really beautiful pink flowers! If someone could tell me what they are that would be great.
The Atlanta Botanical Garden is generally open between 9am – 5pm with slight variances in holidays and seasons. Admission will set you back $22 for adults and $16 for children 3-12. Under 3s get free admission.
Have you visited the Garden recently? What did you enjoy most or not at all?

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