The Texas State Capitol Complex makes up a focal point in downtown Austin. Surrounded by a beautifully kept park, the Capitol building itself is majestic and imposing to look at. And for the Texas tourist, there’s plenty to keep you occupied for a morning or afternoon in the city.

texas state capitol complex Visitors centre

texas state capitol visitor centre tourist attractions in usa
Immerse yourself in American and Texan history at the Texas State Capitol Visitor’s centre

Start your trip at the Complex’s visitor centre. Set over 2 main floors, you’ll find exhibitions and artefacts from key parts of Texan and USA history. You’ll also be able to find lots of free pamphlets and brochures on other things to do in and around the city. Or if you prefer, pick the brains of the friendly staff who work there for some more personalised help. If you’re unable to use the stairs, you’ll find an elevator inside too.

texas state capitol building

Of course, you can’t visit the Texas State Capitol complex and not visit the Texas State Capitol building! You’re free to wander round at your own pace if you’d like but it’s worth taking advantage of the free guided tours if you can. They operate most weekdays and some of the weekend. Not all parts of the building are open to the public but that doesn’t matter in the slightest. Just stepping inside will take you straight back in time. Plus – great photo opps.

texas state capitol tourist attractions in usa
Head on down to the historic Texas State Capitol building in downtown Austin

take a casual stroll around the grounds

texas state capitol tourist attractions in usa
Enjoy a relaxing bite to eat in the park just in front of the Texas State Capitol building

When you’re out and about exploring a city, it’s always nice to find some peaceful areas to stop and rest in. Well as luck would have it, the Capitol complex is surrounded by a large park to the south side. With various benches scattered around and lots of well-watered grass, this area is a great place to bring a packed lunch to. Or just the sandwich you picked up from Starbucks. And when the heat gets a little too much. You can just pop back into the Visitor’s centre to cool off. And learn more history obviously…

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