Our opinions of what constitutes an inspirational travel destination are wildly subjective but if you’re feeling a little lost for ideas, check out some of my favourite places and pictures from recent years. There will be plenty more lists to be found in this section but do leave a comment below to let me know which places you’ve visited and enjoyed the most!

View of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, looking out over the bay
Much more than just a road system, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge is a must see when visiting San Francisco. Just keep an eye out for the cyclists!
Alcatraz island showing Alcatraz Prison with view coming in by boat
You can’t visit San Francisco without a trip to the imposing and impossibly eerie Alcatraz Island that still houses the famous prison. Take an individual audio tour and take it all in at your own pace – boats leave regularly from the shore but do think about booking ahead, especially in holiday seasons as it will get exceptionally busy.
Perfect beach scene at Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Oahu Hawaii
What’s travel inspiration without a bit of the tropical magic that is Hawaii? I’m sure there are a lot of even better (and less touristy) beaches across the islands. But when you live in the UK and are lucky to see sand through stones on a beach, this will do just fine!
View of Waikiki Beach in Honolulu Hawaii, looking back from the shoreline
More Waikiki Beach looking back from the shoreline
Jurassic park scenery in Oahu Hawaii from a helicopter
If you’re in Hawaii and you get the chance, take a helicopter tour, whichever island you’re staying on. I guarantee it’s the best way to take in the extreme beauty of this laid back State and chances are you’ll recognise a lot of the scenery – right here is a location used in Jurassic Park (amongst others). My trip cost around $220 USD for c.40 mins flying – but I went directly through my hotel concierge so I’m sure you can get a better deal if you do a bit of looking around!
View of Oahu Hawaii from a helicopter
And because I just can’t resist the glorious colours that nature provides us, another aerial shot of Oahu from a chopper!

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