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Looking for some general travel inspiration in the USA? Take a peek through the below and check out pictures of America and some of my favourite places. I can’t guarantee that you won’t immediately want to whip out your credit card and get booking…

deciding where to travel in the usa

The great news is that if you’re travelling solo, you won’t find many places better than the USA to visit. Deciding where to go and what to do on the other hand, can prove exhausting. When you’re thinking about your trip, you’ll have lots to take into consideration. Do you actually want to travel solo? Or would you prefer to travel in a group of other solo travellers? Are you mobile enough to walk cities on foot? Can you find decent flights and times? Are you interested in seeing the typical tourist sights? Or do you prefer to get right off the beaten track?

Browsing pictures of america is a great place to start

The very first place to start when you’re thinking about your trip is to browse some pictures of America. This will do 2 things. Firstly, it’ll confirm whether you are really feeling excited about the idea of travelling in the US. Secondly, it’ll give you an initial idea about what and where might be the most interesting places for you.

If it’s tourist attractions you’re after – well, you’ll find them everywhere. Maybe you want to plan your trip around the top things you want to see. If you know you want to do some real relaxing, you’ll probably want to throw in a beach destination like Hawaii. And if you’re worried about safety, you’ll probably want to look at cities with great safety records like Austin.

So if you already know what you’re after, or you’re just having some early thoughts. Take some time browsing this site and you’ll find a wealth of solo travel information for the USA.

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