From the country music hall of fame to, well, country music in general. Nashville is an auditory feast for the music lover. But you’ll find a lot more on offer for those less musically inclined. Browse the gallery below to check out pictures of Nashville Tennessee and find your inspiration!

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Not into country music?

If you don’t like country music, it might seem a bit odd to visit a city that is built on that very thing. But then I don’t listen to a huge amount of country music either. And in the UK, it’s not a genre that makes much of a cultural noise. Sure, i’ve heard a lot of Johnny Cash in my time. And the storytelling aspect of country music does strike a bit of a chord with me, I generally find it pleasant and enjoyable to listen to. Hence my main drive for visiting Nashville was to educate myself and learn more about it. Just what is it about country music that has made it such an intrinsic part of life down south in the US?

Having experienced the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Grand Ole Opry and the intimate setting of the Bluebird cafe, i still can’t answer that definitively. But i can tell you that whether you have any interest in country music or not, you are likely to find your mind opened with a trip to Nashville.

Most of all, this is exactly the joy of travelling solo. Seeing and doing things you never would otherwise. And sometimes. Often. You find yourself coming across a new passion that you wondered how you ever lived without!

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