The historic Fort Worth Stockyards can be found about 15-20 mins north of the Downtown Fort Worth area. Depending on the traffic. And if there’s a cattle drive going on…

If you’re a visitor from out of town, you might be considering staying here. Either way, you should definitely stop by if you can. Not least to see the rodeo. More on that later. Read on to learn about what the Stockyards have in-store for the solo traveller.

1. Shop away for that wild west memorabilia

fort worth stockyards

Fort Worth is sometimes referred to as the “city where the west begins”. But if it’s the Wild West you’re more interested in then you’ll find that theme and more here. From the railroad tracks running through the district. To the original 19th century buildings that can be found all over. As soon as you enter the Fort Worth Stockyards it’s like stepping back in time.

So what better way to remember your time here than to indulge in a bit of shopping? You won’t find big department or chain stores here. And too right! That certainly wouldn’t be fitting with the charm or positioning of the place. What you will find are plenty of independent shops selling unique gifts and mementos.

So if you’ve been waiting to pick up those cowboy boots or a proper stetson or you want to take home some seriously hot sauce. You’ll be in luck here. Of course, you’ll still have to wade through quite a lot of tourist tat to find the good stuff. But that’s all just part of the Stockyards experience.

2. Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame

texas cowboy hall of fame fort worth stockyards

When you can’t get enough of those cowboys and girls, make sure to pop into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame. Located bang in the middle of the Stockyards District, the Hall of Fame houses memorabilia and exhibitions from 125 cowboys and girls.

It’ll set you back $6 for adult admission. And other admissions and family pricing are also available. If you like to get a deeper look at these attractions, you can choose to partake in a guided tour. If you’re travelling solo, see if you can make friends with a group to share in their discounted tour price! And If that idea appals you, well…then don’t do that ūüôā

3. Texas rodeo and Billy Bob’s Honky-Tonk

fort worth stockyards coliseum

If you’ve never been to the rodeo before, then what better place to see one than in Texas. If you’re an animal fanatic, it may not appeal. Though you should read up about the rules and regulations of operating a rodeo to see the precautions that are taken.

The Fort Worth Stockyards rodeo happens every Friday and Saturday at the Cowtown Coliseum. A ticket will cost $20 for an adult. Seating is fairly flexible so don’t bother upgrading to a more expensive seat. Once it kicks off – assuming it’s not sold-out – you’ll be able to move around fairly easily.

You might be surprised to find out how much of a family event the rodeo is. But that just makes it even easier to travel by yourself.¬† Grab a beer, find a seat and sit back to enjoy the bull riding. Calf roping. Barrel racing. More detail on this coming soon…

Once you’re done at the Rodeo, walk a few metres up the road to Billy Bob’s. Billing itself as the world’s largest honky-tonk, when you’re ready for music and dancing, you’ll find plenty of it here. But don’t just stop there if it’s not your thing – do a bit of a bar crawl around the other bars on the main street to find the one that’s more your style.

4. Staying at the Fort Worth Stockyards

fort worth hotels stockyards hotel
Book an historic stay at the Fort Worth Stockyards Hotel

I mentioned earlier that you might be considering staying at the Stockyards. There are a few accommodation choices up there. The Stockyards Hotel is probably the most well-known. Unique in decor and situated right in the heart of the Stockyards. This hotel can be an interesting place to consider. But if you have any problem with noise, then you’ll want to find another option. And probably in another part of Fort Worth.

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